Solid Suar Wood

Solid Suar Wood slab dining table singapore arthur zaaro carpentry furniture eunos eastThe Suar tree is a fast growing hardwood found in Southeast Asian rainforests.The tree accumulates a lot of water, so the wood must be properly dried and treated before working with it. Each piece of wood has highly variable, one-of- a-kind, grain and colour pattern – more so than just about any other type of wood. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, the solid slabs of Suar wood make stunning table tops, each prized for its unique flowing and swirling colours.

ARTHUR ZAARO buys all of is Suar wood from certified suppliers in Indonesia. The slabs, as finished by our suppliers, do not come close to meeting our standard of workmanship and finishing.

Solid Suar Wood Slab Dining Table Factory Singapore carpentry furniture eunos east

Upon reaching our workshop in Singapore, each piece is thoroughly inspected, and stripped of all lacquer and putty before our drying process. To keep it from warping or twisting during the drying process, steel reinforcements are installed on the underside of the table.

On average, we work each table for more than 50 hours with hand sanding, and meticulous hand work to cut solid wood splines to fill any cracks formed while drying.

Solid suar wood slab dining table singapore carpentry furniture eunos east

The slabs are then sprayed with 6 separate coats of the highest quality clear lacquer. By following the traditional, time-consuming method of finishing developed by European and American carpenters – which requires hand sanding and polishing after each of the 6 coats of lacquer – each table obtains the classic Arthur Zaaro finish.

Solid Suar Wood Slab Dining Table Singapore carpentry furniture eunos east

This is a finish of the highest quality and durability, is soft and warm to the touch, and imparts a three-dimensional glow to the grain. The table top appears to have very little lacquer applied to it, while in reality, our multi-step finishing process has worked the protective lacquer into the smallest grains, rendering the table top waterproof.


ARTHUR ZAARO offers customization of your suar wood slab - we are able to cut and stain it according to your preference. Our stock ranges from 1.8m to 4m long  - do come down to our showroom to have a look! Alternatively, you can also view some of our ready-made pieces on our online store.