Custom Tile Collection

Our Peranakan-inspired cement tiles take the same patterns that have been used for hundreds of years, and translate them into new designs. Inspiration comes from around the world – whether it is the geometric patterns that once adorned a Moroccan riad or a fleur de lis decorating a French chateau. Shapes are crisp, featuring medallions and coronets, and colours are often strongly pigmented. 

Our collection features burgundy, cobalt and ochre primary colours, offset by terracotta and white. In addition, we offer a series of delicately patterned rose and white tiles, and a range of traditional monochrome patterns, beautifully set in black, white and slate-grey.

When furniture is built to last, you can embrace a timeless, eclectic style. A piece brought in your 20s from your hometown can sit alongside furniture lovingly acquired from your worldwide travels. Pop art prints can hang next to faded portraits of grandparents in their youth.

ARTHUR ZAARO aims to capture this essence in the abiding style of our pieces. Our evocative designs remind you of days gone by, while our high quality materials and enduring craftsmanship ensure our collections withstand the test of time. 

Our cement tiles are handmade with a coloured cement layer at least 5mm thick. This gives them the ability to withstand decades of wear without fading or losing any detailing.